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The patent pending Boscumin™ complex has been clinically developed to deliver 29X more active natural anti-inflammatories to your body and joints and increase your mobility by over 300%.

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Our Clinical Study: Effectiveness

Our clinical studies show that Boscumin increases mobility and comfort by over 300%.


Study Highlights

After 3 months, those taking the supplement could walk 330% farther than those in the placebo group.

50% improvement in pain and stiffness when compared to the placebo control group (based on WOMAC scores).

Results showed a 63% reduction in NSAID (Advil, etc.) or acetaminophen (Tylenol) use.

16x reduction in inflammatory markers in the blood.

The Boscumin Difference: Absorption

Over 8000 studies tout the benefits of turmeric and boswellia. However, food and supplements contain a very small amount of the active compounds, curcumin and boswellic acid.

More importantly, both compounds are very poorly absorbed by our bodies, leading to such low concentrations as to show little to no health benefits. In fact, studies show that 61% of name brand curcumin based supplements are not absorbed by the body at all.

Boscumin’s physician-developed pharmaceutical-grade formula was designed to specifically overcome these challenges.

Boscumin's innovative technology fuses curcumin and boswellic acid to fat soluble lecithin for improved stability and 29x more absorption.

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Our Clinical Study: Absorption

The Boscumin complex has been clinically developed to deliver significantly more curcumin and boswellic acids to your joints.


Study Highlights

Total curcuminoid absorption 29x higher than standard curcumin.

35x Increase in KBA and AKBA (boswellic acids) concentrations in brain tissue.

50x to 60x increase in curcumin metabolites.

The Boscumin Difference: Sourced from Plants not Petroleum

It is estimated that up to 40% of curcumin supplements are made from petroleum, instead of from plant based sources.

Boscumin in the only product that goes through rigorous radiocarbon testing to guarantee its natural origins.

* Your bottle of Boscumin will always contain a QR code allowing you to track its natural origin from plant to pill.

Experience the boscumin difference

The Most Clinically Proven Natural Joint Remedy

The ingredients in Boscumin have been clinically proven to provide:

Less pain

Greater physical function

Less stiffness

Greater overall Quality of Life

Reduced muscle soreness

16x reduction in C-Reactive Protein (a specific inflammation indicator)

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When Quality, Purity, and Clinically Proven Results Matter, Boscumin is Your Only Choice.

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