You Deserve Better

Today’s FDA Standard for natural products:

“The FDA does not do any review of dietary supplements before they come onto the market, and I think that all consumers need to understand this.”
- FDA Acting Commissioner Stephen Ostroff, M.D.

Help not Hype

Most dietary supplements make promises with no clinical proof or medical basis. They focus on products intended to sell and not heal.

Dismayed by the state of natural healing, noted surgeon and consumer medical advocate, Dr. Cherukuri, with his team of doctors and scientists, sought to provide natural solutions based on science, quality, and proven effectiveness.

Here at SmartCeuticals, we care about what we put in our bodies, so Boscumin was developed to the highest standard: the pharmaceutical standard.


Created By Nature.
Perfected by Science.
Proven By Medicine.

Quality Starts at the Source

The ingredients in Boscumin are harvested from the purest sources of turmeric and boswellia on the planet: farm grown, non-gmo, no pesticides, sustainably harvested.

We don’t just claim the natural pedigree and quality of Boscumin, we guarantee it. Our third party genetic testing allows our customers to track the origin of their Boscumin from plant to pill.


Scientifically Perfected

Boscumin’s core compounds were combined and scientifically formulated to allow for maximum absorption (29x) by the body.

Following strict FDA drug development standards, Bosumin was perfected by Dr. Cherukuri and his team over the course of many years and millions of dollars of clinical research and testing.


Evidence Based Healing

Boscumin has been proven to work. Using strict FDA protocols for proving efficacy against placebo, Boscumin is the most studied natural complex for joint pain.

Over 30 human trials and studies have been conducted on Boscumin and its core compounds to ensure effectiveness.


Certified Quality From Plant to Pill

Ensuring quality is important to you so it’s essential for us. Boscumin has been produced to standards that exceed rigorous FDA and GMP requirements.

We treat our products like pharmaceuticals, performing 3 external quality checks on each bottle of Boscumin, surpassing every other natural supplement on the market. As an educated consumer, you deserve transparency, so we go a step further by providing you easy access to your bottle's authenticity and specific test results.

Because You Deserve Better.

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