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9 Reasons Vitamins Could Make You Feel Worse - from Readers Digest

Reader's Digest interviewed our founder "Dr. C" and notes... The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not test or regulate vitamins and supplements in the same way that they do drugs, explains Sreek Cherukuri, MD, founder of SmartCeuticals. “There is nothing to say that what is on the label is in the product so it’s hard to know what you are...

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WSJ: The Illegal Ingredients in Your Dietary Supplements

Below is an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal on the dangers of untested and unregulated supplements (and the drugs they might contain!) This is an issue Boscumin inventor Dr. Cherukuri has been talking about for some time and is delighted to have been included in this important piece. The WSJ says: FDA issued public warnings about the potential danger of these experimental stimulants...

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Are your supplements made of petroleum?

  A few years ago, when I was less knowledgeable about the dietary supplement industry, I came across an article which, to put it mildly, astounded me.   An investigation had found that up to 45% of curcumin samples, a nutritional supplement and the active ingredient in turmeric, was made from fossils fuels.  So, in other words, we’re talking about...

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