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SmartCeuticals™ Announces Positive Results From Clinical Trials of Curcuma Boswellia In The Management of Joint Inflammation

SmartCeuticals™ Announces Positive Results From Clinical Trials of Curcuma Boswellia In The Management of Joint Inflammation  

CHICAGO, IL, July 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --  SmartCeuticals™, Inc. ("SmartCeuticals" or the "Company"), a health sciences company focused on developing and commercializing novel and proprietary therapeutics from its natural product platform, announced today that it has completed and obtained the results for all 31 clinical trials of its first commercial compound curcuma boswellia (brand name: Boscumin™). Smartceuticals expects to commence commercial sale of the compound in the 3rd quarter of 2018.


"We believe that the results from the clinical trials involving inflammation mark a significant milestone for SmartCeuticals and for patients suffering from joint discomfort who seek natural solutions or for whom existing medicines cause adverse side effects," stated Sreek Cherukuri, M.D., SmartCeuticals’ CEO and Chief Medical Officer.  “Utilizing the power of nature and coupling it with our enhanced delivery science, allow us to provide a safe and efficacious option for supporting both chronic and acute joint conditions."

The key clinical trials targeted to inflammation and joint indications was a placebo-controlled trial in which each subject in the active group received two daily treatments of a key ingredient via oral administration for a period of 3 months.  The control group received an equivalent quantity of placebo over the same time period.  50 test subjects, all affected by bone health challenges, participated and received the compound in the study where the primary endpoint of the Clinical Trial was to prove the safety, tolerance and efficacy of curcuma boswellia in the treatment of adult patients suffering from condition related inflammation and joint discomfort.  The symptoms were evaluated by the WOMAC score; mobility was studied by walking performance on the treadmill and the overall inflammatory response function was assessed by measurements of C-reactive protein plasma concentration.

The treadmill performance showed an improvement of over 200%  in total distance walked at two months, and a further improvement (+45%) at three months from the beginning of the study.  These positive results were complemented by secondary end-points, namely the decrease in supplemental therapy use and the decrease in gastrointestinal side effects.

Dr. Cherukuri concluded his thoughts on the study by saying: "Despite all efforts to support patients suffering from joint related conditions, the pharmaceutical industry has had limited success in effectively providing safe solutions for many of these conditions.  Given this, the results from these clinical trials are very exciting and encouraging, in that they show a positive path to better support of these conditions utilizing natural compounds with a 3000+ year track record of safety.”

About SmartCeuticals™:

Founded by award-winning surgeon and consumer health advocate, Sreek Cherukuri MD, SmartCeuticals is built on the principles of science, quality, clinical efficacy, and transparency.  SmartCeuticals fuses nature with science to find safe, natural, and effective paths to achieving, maintaining, and advancing human wellness.  The innovations and therapies are developed based on rigorous scientific research, undergo comprehensive clinical validation (following FDA drug trial protocols), and are produced using strict pharmaceutical production standards.  Finally, since the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements before they come to market and since label fraud is rampant in the industry, SmartCeuticals has set the bar for transparency, providing the customer with 3rd party verification testing to prove every bottle has both the highest quality and purity available on the market.  For more information please visit or email

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